A goniophotometer measures angular distribution of light intensity of a luminaire. From small LED modules to large luminaires, a variety of devices can be evaluated using a goniophotometer. Luminous Intensity Distribution, Beam Angle as well as Total Luminous Flux can be directly measured. GMS-2000 meets all requirements of IES LM-79 for absolute photometry of LED luminaires. Relative photometry of conventional luminaires can also be measured. While ensuring high accuracy and reproducibility, the GMS-2000 is easy to use and provides fast acquisition.

We provide a variety of Integrating Spheres from 15 cm to 3 meter in diameter. These can be used for measuring anything from a single LED output to the total luminous flux of a large luminaire. These spheres are rotatable, so the luminaire can be mounted in any orientation. They also can be customized in a variety of mounting options, detector locations, ports, and baffles.

We provide a variety of spectroradiometers and spectrophotometers for a variety of applications. Our offerings span from low cost miniature spectrometers suitable for classroom teaching to high resolution, low-noise research grade spectrometers. These spectrometers can be combined with other measurement devices such as Integrating Spheres to perform a variety of complex tasks in light measurements.

PR202 Luxmeter measures light with the sensitivity of the human eye. It has an extensive range from few millilux to kilolux suitable for evaluating all illumination conditions.  It is highly rated because of the high precision and accuracy in measurements. It is portable, accurate and can be used for real-time monitoring of the luminaire as well as data logging using USB interface.